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Specializing in the trades your industry needs...

To get the right job candidates for your company,
Start by recruiting the right recruitment company.

First and foremost, we want you to know that Collar Blue is interested in building a lasting relationship with you based on delivering on the promise to provide you with only the best qualified skilled tradesmen. Our proprietary method of screening candidates ensures this. We’ll present to you only experienced workers with clean backgrounds and what we consider to be a solid work ethic. After all, your company’s productivity is on the line. And so is our reputation.

With the global focus on fluctuating oil prices, it's now more important than ever to ensure that your valuable resources are employing only the best skilled tradesmen.
Collar Blue is uniquely positioned to help you do just that for some very good reasons:

  • Our singular focus enables us to direct 100% of our resources on the skilled trades you need.
  • We believe that qualifying exclusively North American tradesmen is the key to finding the people you need while minimizing travel expenses and the expense of language complications.
  • Headquartered in Colorado, USA, Collar Blue has access to the people you need and the perspective to identify the best possible candidates for your positions.
  • Licensed and bonded in Alberta, we look forward to developing a lasting relationship with you based on the uncompromising promise to deliver personalized service regardless of demand.
  • Our results are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with anyone that we recommend, let us know and we'll make it right. You have my word on it.

The availability of an experienced work force is essential in the on-time completion of current projects as well as a valuable advantage in future project planning and we know the kind of folks you're looking for.

We look forward to becoming a trusted partner in the critical process of selecting the right people for all your project needs.
Take a look at the short video on this page to get to know us a little better. Then get more details here.
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