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Collar Blue’s Process

The linchpins of Collar Blue’s process for qualifying job candidates are: 1) Our thorough understanding of the skilled trades and the requirements of the Canadian oil/gas industry, and 2) Our thorough approach and diligence in ensuring that each and every candidate meets or exceeds those requirements. Unlike many recruitment companies, we do not as a matter of policy provide you with candidate resumes unless you specifically require them at some point in the qualification process. Our job is to simplify your job and save you time by providing you with top-notch talent, pre-screened for your specific jobs.
• The process begins with our online application form that is intended to acquire basic candidate information: employment history, criminal background, certifications and accreditations, special skills and attributes, etc.
• Once we have established a baseline of qualifications, we commence a rigorous investigation that includes:
- Verifying in writing work history.
- Verifying certifications if applicable.
- Verifying criminal background with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations.
- Discussing our zero tolerance policy for drug/alcohol use and explaining your company’s specific testing policies.
- Conducting multiple telephone interviews and arranging interviews with the employer.
• If a candidate is deemed acceptable to the employer, we deliver a letter of offer to the selected candidate.
• This is followed by a complete package of liaison service which include:
- Arranging work visas.
- Assisting with travel arrangements if necessary.
- Assisting candidates with educational requirements to achieve proper certifications.

From initial application, to boarding the plane to Alberta, Collar Blue is there as a trusted partner in this critical process.
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